Peter Hewitt-Dutton


Mastering Engineer

Peter Hewitt-Dutton started working for Metropolis Mastering in 2008, eventually progressing from the Production Room into the Mastering studios.

Whilst completing his degree at the University of Manchester, Peter went to work at the legendary Ocean Way Studios in California.

It was here he developed and honed his scrupulous eye for detail and listening skills under the guidance of the greats in the business like Jack Joseph Puig and Allen, something which he has continued here at Metropolis.

Now over a decade later that experience has led Peter to continue the Metropolis traditions of pushing what is possible with vinyl and  he has specialized in the much sought after field of half speed cutting. Peter is an integral member of the Metropolis Mastering team and his credits include a #1 Album in Italy with ‘Made In London’ by Noemi.

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Half Speed Vinyl Cutting Explained

  • Masterpiece
    Happy End
    Pony Canyon
  • Made In London
  • Out In The Sticks
    The Seniors
    Conscious Music
  • Yorubeat Plus
    Tunday Akintan
    Tunday Akintan
  • Rat Residence
    The Taskers
    Tasker Records
  • Pause and Effect
    Sound Hub
  • Songs For An Empty Room
    Matt Owens
  • Serious Poke
    Fred Abbott
  • Optional
    Antonella Lo Coco
  • На Пути к Вершинам
  • Kill Your Friends (OST)
    Various Artists
    Warner Music UK Ltd
  • Somebody Tell Me
    Ro Slater
    LMC Records
  • Live From Metropolis Studios
    Public Enemy
    Metropolis Studios
  • Wanted On Voyage
    George Ezra
    Sony Music Entertainment UK
  • I Love You All The Time
    Florence + The Machine (Feat. The Maccabees)
  • Another Time Another Place
    Chris Mars
    Chris Mars
  • Busy
  • Sweet Summer Sun
    Rolling Stones
    Eagle Rock
  • From The Black and Blue
    LMC Records

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