Natalie Bibby

Natalie Bibby

Mastering Assistant

Natalie is the newest addition to our Mastering team

Natalie joined Metropolis in 2015 as a studio runner, quickly developing an interest in mastering after being introduced to Tony Cousins, and having the opportunity to sit in on a session with him. She was fascinated by how a skilled engineer, through the process of mastering, could transform a good record into a great one. From there, her journey into learning to master and assisting artists with their projects began.

Natalie continues her training under some of Europe’s leading mastering engineers, and is excited about helping musicians fine-tune their music to produce a finished work that stays true to, and yet enhances, their original artistic vision. Most of all, she is passionate about helping others achieve the highest levels of sonic excellence, bringing their music to the world with fullness and clarity of detail.

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Natalie is the newest addition to our Mastering team...


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