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George Clinton: P-Funk At Metropolis

Following the release of the brand new Chocolate City: London vinyl boxset, P-Funk legend George Clinton wowed vinyl lovers with a special guest signing appearance at Jumbo Records in Leeds!

This extra special vinyl box set won’t be around for long so to make sure Chocolate City: London | P-Funk Live at Metropolis is part of your collection, contact your local participating Record Store Day 2015 record store and request the boxset who will (if they don’t have it already) order it in for you directly from ‪‎Record Store Day‬.

“The performance, captured in studio-quality sound, is as infectiously berserk as only P-Funk can be”
The Independent, 18th April 2015.


“Which is reason why this brand new live album box set Chocolate City: London – P-Funk Live At The Metropolis – released especially for Record Store Day April 18 – should be applauded and promptly purchased, as the crack session engineers and sound experts have succeeded where prior funkateer’s have failed, even improving on the Parliament Live P-Funk Earth Tour album from ’77 which was in circulation during the peak of the band’s popularity.”
Soul “Doddzilla” Jones, Echoes Magazine.


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“Chugging bass lines dance in and around the drumbeat, with bursts of trumpet and sax filling the gaps. Curling guitar licks tickle the ear, yelps from the singers graze it. But this isn’t straight funk. As the portmanteau “Funkadelic” suggests, P-Funk takes the tightly coiled funk pioneered by James Brown and melds it with psychedelic rock.”
Charlie McCann, The Economist’s Intelligent Life.


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Inside Chocolate City: London | P-Funk Live at Metropolis

This limited box set from Metropolis Recordings includes:
– A Chocolate & Pantone gold chocolate box.
– A double 12″ Vinyl Brown & white marbled vinyl with FIVE Live to Vinyl cut tracks from George Clinton P-Funk.
– A double CD of the live performance in Brown & White discs.
– The FULL live concert DVD (in Dark Brown) filmed at Metropolis Studios.
– A special foldout poster / sleeve notes featuring George Clinton in his ‘Uncle Jam’ guise (an American MP’s uniform).

See more of the design and artwork produced by Jon Daniel via Creative Review in collaboration with Metropolis Studios, The Guardian, Modo and Breed Media.

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