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iMixing Is Here!

iMixing – Online Mixing from Metropolis Studios

So you’re ready to share your music with the world, but how can you be sure that the quality of your music is at its best?

Metropolis iMixing allows your music to get the same high quality finish as our major clientele, including everyone from Ed Sheeran, Queen, Black Sabbath, Madonna, Sam Smith, Jessie J, James Brown, Oasis, Calvin Harris, Garbage, The Rolling Stones to Iggy Azalea. As everything is handled securely online, you can take complete control of the process of ordering professional mixing without having to spend time making long phone calls.

There are three different packages to suit every desire and budget. All iMixing packages include one set of mix revisions (if necessary) in the agreed price. This means that if you are unhappy with how your work sounds, you can have the mix revised without no extra cost.

Getting your work professionally mixed has never been easier. The process of ordering mixing is quick, simple and user-friendly, as anyone wishing to have their music mixed does not need to track through pages of text to adjust an order halfway through.

Those wishing to have their music mixed can do so, safe in the knowledge that a professional with proven industry experience is handling their work with the utmost care and attention, with the best equipment and in the best environment.

Just as iMastering ensures the best possible quality mastering for your project, so too does iMixing – a cost-effective, convenient service of the highest quality from one of the greatest and most prolific studios in Europe. Now you can enjoy both services by adding them together seamlessly in one transaction.

Your music deserves to be heard. Make sure it gets the best possible reception with iMixing.