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Metro Acoustic – 21st January 2016

Metro Acoustic is a unique acoustic showcase staged within an icon of the music landscape, Metropolis Studios. Building on a solid reputation for supporting emerging talent, Metro Acoustic is the perfect platform for up-and-coming artists to perform at the exclusive ‘guest list only’ music showcase attended by a who’s who of music A&R.

21st January 2016

Doors 19:00pm // Show 19:30pm

Mercury Bar, Metropolis Studios. Chiswick


Entrance is by guest list ONLY. Email to register your attendance and reserve your FREE ticket.

Child Of Cecelia

Child of Cecilia was created to paint colourful smiles on every face she meets on her journey. She’s from the planet Cecilia where everyone wears a mask to define their own identity. The only rule: Be yourself – there is love enough for everyone.

She is known as CeCe, and was sent to planet earth to spread love, peace and happiness to everyone that feels caught up in the daily grind. Child of Cecilia believes that music is the missing element of communication. Through music, she hopes to inspire the imagination of the inner child.

Child of Cecilia invites you to walk with her hand in hand as she performs original Alternative Pop with her four-piece band around the UK.

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Joe Jury

At the age of 17,  Joe left college and where he grew up in the Cotswolds and moved back to London to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter. Joe’s passion for singing came about from an early age listening to all types of music from hard grunge rock to African culture.

Joe’s influences started with the folk legends and that’s what initially got him into song writing. Joe says…

“Dylan and Neil Young were the first singer songwriters I listened to, so obviously my music started off with a folky edge to it, I’ve always been a fan of folk music.”


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With a transatlantic twang Storm returned back to the motherland with one thing on her mind and that was to immerse herself in the London music scene. London born but Florida raised, now 23 she has spent the majority of the past two years showcasing her music around open mics and popular music venues. With airy looms mixed with gut wrenching groans on top of an eclectic mix of self-produced rhythm driven grooves, you are guaranteed to experience every end of the spectrum of love and lust.

Callum Rafferty

‘RAFFER’ is a vibrant, budding artist from Kent, self-producing and performing his own take on ‘indie/pop’ music with hints of reggae and hip-hop.

After dropping out of school to pursue a career in music, RAFFER – now 18 – has already been on two UK tours, packed out two headline shows at The Barfly, Camden and has won various awards for his incredibly mature songwriting and live performance skills.

Currently studying music production at ACM Metropolis Studios, RAFFER does everything off his own back including, recording and producing, booking tours and PR, which proves he is a dedicated and determined artist working his way to the top of one of the hardest industries.

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