Metropolis Artist Accelerator

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The aspirational series supports breaking producers, live electronica, beat-masters, alternative/indie and songwriters. The series is typically used by managers and labels vetting key development acts on their roster..

Metropolis Studios launched a monthly music series in 2017 showcasing the best in next-generation artists. This year, we have refreshed and re-positioned the series as a monthly studio session artist accelerator.

The Metropolis Rising Artist Accelerator will support every act taking part in the series financially, with a value in excess of £10,000 in studio, mixing and mastering time. The slots will be filled at the discretion of the studio.

All acts will be given the opportunity to record a three track session EP in one of our iconic tracking studios with unprecedented access to our award winning engineers.

We are delighted to develop the Metropolis Rising series this year with Sennheiser as our official partner. Sennheiser’s consistent passion for sonic excellence and trailblazing of cultural innovation is something Metropolis Studios heavily identify with.

Sennheiser will supply pro-gear for all the session recordings and directly support artists with products from their evolution wireless range as well as consumer headphones for every band.

Two acts will be invited to the studio every month for AM/PM sessions. With full access to Sennheiser’s and the studio’s extensive tech-rider, the sessions will be recorded, mixed and mastered by our in-house team of engineers.

Content captured at the sessions will be used for subsequent release across artist channels, Metropolis and Sennheiser networks. Artist / management / label will own full rights to the recordings.

In addition to the studio sessions, the series will be supported by two big live events showcasing Metropolis Rising acts. We have outgrown are existing home at the studio bar so these shows are being upgraded to take place in Studio-A where we can run full band productions.

The live shows will feature three cross-genre acts and be attended by 160 discerning music fans on the hunt for the next big thing.