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Metropolis Studios Celebrates Its Latest Iconic Work | Adele’s 25

London’s Metropolis Studios is celebrating the long-awaited release of Adele’s 25 album, released today on XL Records and recorded at our iconic facility here in Chiswick.

Metropolis, one of the world’s largest recording complexes, is hugely proud of the work of its engineering team who contributed to the album. Engineer Liam Nolan and Assistant Engineer Aaron Ahmad are both credited on Adele’s latest work, including an engineering credit on the album’s debut single, Hello.

“We are always delighted to welcome Adele into Metropolis. She also recorded her 21 album with us and it is such a pleasure to be a part of the creative process that produces her work. It is fitting too that she should have made her 25 album with us as we have recently celebrated our 25th Birthday. We knew whatever she released next would be huge and the acclaim for the album is so well deserved. We’re very proud of our engineering and studios team who worked on this one.”
Ian Brenchley, CEO.


Metropolis is on something of a winning streak with its latest work. The studio’s Tim Young recently completed the 5.1 mastering on the Beatles 1, currently in the UK Album Charts at number 5.

The studio has more than a quarter century’s legacy of creating iconic works, such as Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black. The facility services an average of 50% of the UK’s Top 40 and has recorded, mixed or mastered work by legends including U2, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Madonna and, more recently, Sam Smith, Royal Blood and Lana Del Rey.

As Metropolis celebrates its 25 years as the powerhouse of the British music industry, it sends huge congratulations to Adele on yet another incredible piece of work.

Credit: Apple Music