Mastering by First available engineer £85.

Mastering by John Davis

£150.00 per track

John Davis has lent his talents to some of the most popular and genre defining acts of the last two decades from Led Zeppelin to Dua Lipa, FKA Twigs to Gorillaz.

He has been described by Jimmy Page as ‘a master of his craft’ and Damon Albarn states “The dark arts of Mastering have always amused and fascinated me. John is an adept and I’ve always enjoyed watching him cast his mercurial magic.”

He began his career in late 80s cutting vinyl 12”s for London’s club dance-floors. John is a Grammy winner as well as been awarded MPG Mastering of the year engineer twice . He believes that music is all about feelings and emotions, so a trust has to be exist between artist and engineer. This type of input from the clients enables John to take their music to a place where the tracks are enhanced and become ‘super-real’, maximising all the positive aspects of a mix and ironing our any potential problems.


Standard maximum turnaround: 10 working days

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tracks at £150.00 per track

Standard maximum turnaround: 10 working days

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