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The Soul II Soul Weekender At Metropolis


After welcoming legendary DJ and producer Jazzie B as producer in residence, Metropolis Studios are delighted to announce the Soul II SoulClub Classics Vol.1’ weekender. Following a 15 year hiatus from producing, Jazzie B returns to offer up the ultimate Soul II Soul experience.

Witness the full force of Soul II Soul’s incredible live show, be a part of ‘Club Classics Vol.1live analogue recording and meet Jazzie B as he presents his live Masterclass – discussing songwriting & recording techniques plus tales of being a pioneer of British club culture.

This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Soul II Soul in the most intimate of environments here at Metropolis.

The Soul II Soul Extravaganza

Friday 27th March // Back To Reality

Live concert in the famous Studio A at Metropolis exclusive for 120 VIP ticket holders who will be part of the performance of the ‘Club Classics Vol.1’ album in an intimate club environment for one night only, filmed for TV & DVD.

Find out more about the live show and book tickets here.

Saturday 28th March // However Do You Want Me

Be part of the analogue tape recording of ‘Club Classics Vol.1’ in Studio A, viewed from Studios A’s VIP Lounge, Studio A’s Control room and on the giant flatscreen TVs in the Metropolis Bar. To experience the live recording process, atmosphere and excitement of an actual studio recording is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Find out more about the live analogue recording and book tickets here.

Sunday 29th March // However Do You Need Me

Rare opportunity to see DJ, producer, entrepreneur and Soul II Soul founder Jazzie B present a Masterclass, talking through songwriting, original recording techniques, multitracks and life as the man behind Club Classics, together with a question and answer session. A rare event from a British pioneer.

Find out more about Jazzie B’s Masterclass and book tickets here.

About Soul II Soul

“We’re from the days when a number 14 bus and a supermarket trolley got us around.” Jazzie B remembers the lengths he and a school friend used to go to play dances with their first sound system when they were just 13 years old.

Jazzie found himself one of the few black people working in London’s recording studios and recalls how this shaped his attitude: “It made me vexed in one way, but it made me see that there are parts of the industry that we’re not taking care of because we always want to be so upfront.” As Soul II Soul grew, Jazzie was determined to create a dancefloor environment that would appeal across the board.

Soul II Soul’s dances had been reflecting what was occurring naturally in London; kids of all races had grown up together and were now raving together. The Africa Centre was a game changer for Soul II Soul for British black music and for the nation’s youth culture in general. It caught the attention of Virgin Records, who signed them as an act in 1988, catapulting them into a tornado of success.

Soul II Soul have sold over 10 million albums in over 35 territories worldwide and have featured on over 200 compilation CDs. Jazzie is credited on over 35 million albums in over 100 territories. They’ve performed in over 20 countries, and appeared at some of the most famous venues in the world including Wembley and New York’s Universal Ample Theatre.