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Virtual Vinyl

Vinyl is enjoying a huge resurgence, thanks to a whole array of factors, including a sense of nostalgia, the feeling of legacy that comes with owning a piece of music history and the love among music fans for the design of sleeve artwork. What used to be a niche market amongst an older demographic is finding ever growing popularity with a younger audience, buying into the feeling of music heritage associated with a physical record.

To celebrate the vinyl comeback, Metropolis Studios, in collaboration with Reactify, have connected the physical and digital worlds with a new Virtual Vinyl player.

Scan | Unlock | Play

On purchasing one of the available vinyl LPs (see below) you instantly open the virtual world of your own vinyl player. Simply scan the QR code, download the app, unlock the audio onto your phone and play the record.

For more information about the app, or to have your vinyl LP featured and available on the app, contact