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Wishbone Ash – Live From Metropolis

With so much of music being produced and consumed digitally these, a vinyl recording is that much more special and unique. At a rare and intimate event, the legendary British rock band Wishbone Ash performed and recorded material live to vinyl at Europe’s premier centre for recording and mastering, Metropolis Studios, in front of one hundred lucky fans.

Not many studios are still able to offer this service, as cutting to vinyl live is a difficult procedure, not just for the engineers at hand but also for the musicians. The rarity of events such as these has opened up an entirely new avenue for interaction between band and audience, as well as the availability of a live recording that is truly special. Now fans can expect to own a part of the band’s legacy on vinyl.

Recorded in two complete takes, Wishbone Ash’s Live at Metropolis is now available to buy as a strictly limited edition vinyl record (1000 copies).



  • The Power
  • Blue Horizon
  • Warrior


  • Lifeline
  • Open Road
  • Deep Blues