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Not based in the UK? Need a faster turnaround? Unlock the expertise of our mastering engineers from anywhere via our online mastering service. This is a convenient, secure and cost-effective way to get your music finessed by one of our world-class engineers.

Online Mastering
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Mixing is the intricate process of combining individual tracks, adjusting their levels, tonal qualities, and spatial positioning to create a cohesive and polished sound. It involves refining the balance, clarity, and depth of each element within a song, ensuring that vocals, instruments, and effects work together harmoniously.

At Metropolis, our expert engineers and cutting-edge technology bring out your music’s full potential. With a track record of working on renowned albums and collaborating with acclaimed artists across genres (Ed Sheeran, AJ Tracey, Little Mix), we deliver exceptional results. Trust our meticulous attention to detail and precise sonic craftsmanship. Mixing in our state-of-the-art studios, with top-of-the-range consoles and hardware, we elevate your music to a professional standard.

Currently, we offer both attended and unattended mixing sessions.

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What is mixing?

Mixing is the vital step after recording and editing your song. The mix engineer meticulously merges each track (vocals, synths, drums, etc.) to optimize their sonic quality. Using an equalizer, they refine the frequency content, eliminating unwanted sounds and enhancing instrument prominence, creating a balanced and captivating tone. At Metropolis, our expert mix engineers skillfully craft your tracks, ensuring they reach their full potential.

Processes involved in mixing include:

  • Balancing levels between individual elements of the song, including using automation to change the levels in different parts of the song.
  • Using panning to position elements within the stereo field.
  • Using EQ to balance the frequency range of different elements so that they sit well together, as well as adjusting the tone of the song’s parts.
  • Compression is used to control the dynamic range of instruments and alter the sound.
  • Effects such as reverb, delay and chorus can be used to make a mix more interesting, as well as help things blend in with the track.
  • Overall a mix affects the relationship among the various instruments within the song. A mix for your song will balance the levels, frequencies, dynamics and stereo-image, providing a polished sound to the listener. A good quality mix will tie up the relationship of arrangements, instruments and perspective in the song.