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Online Mastering

First available engineer from £85 per track

Not based in the UK? Need a faster turnaround? Unlock the expertise of our mastering engineers from anywhere via our online mastering service. This is a convenient, secure and cost-effective way to get your music finessed by one of our world-class engineers.

Online Mastering
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Production Suites For Rent

2 Production Suites are currently available for rent at the studios. Join our creative community!
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The Powerhouse
Empowering Artistry

The Powerhouse building stands as a testament to Metropolis’ unwavering commitment to empowering artists. By providing a thoughtfully designed and technologically advanced environment, it supports artists in their quest for artistic excellence.

It is an architecturally stunning space that offers a vibrant and collaborative environment for artists to hone their craft, exchange ideas, and push the boundaries of their creative expression.

The building’s harmonious blend of comfort, functionality, and aesthetics creates an atmosphere that nurtures creativity, enabling artists to unleash their full potential.

A complex empowering artistry

Our complex of recording, mixing and mastering suites are designed around a massive and airy 20-metre-high atrium filled with platforms and walkways. This gives the producers, engineers and artists a new freedom to avoid the claustrophobic atmosphere of conventional studio life. The on-site parking facility, as well as a fully licensed bar, lounge and cafe, means that Metropolis is unique in the scale of comfort and convenience it can provide clients from a London studio.

Passionate people
State-of-the-art studios
Car park spaces
Residential apartments

State-of-the-Art Studios

The Powerhouse boasts an impressive collection of state-of-the-art recording studios and production suites. These cutting-edge facilities are meticulously designed to provide optimal conditions for artistic creation. Ideal studio shapes, abundant daylight, and acoustically perfected spaces contribute to an immersive and inspiring atmosphere. Natural light fills the studios, something rare across the UK recording sector, that lends Metropolis a huge advantage for creativity.

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At the heart of the Powerhouse, a fully licensed bar and cafe serves as a vibrant social hub where artists and industry professionals can gather, network, and foster connections. This communal space cultivates a sense of camaraderie, encouraging cross-pollination of ideas and the formation of meaningful collaborations. Over shared meals and conversations, artists have the opportunity to expand their creative networks and find inspiration in the diverse community that calls the PowerHouse home.

Comfortable Breakout Areas

Recognising the importance of relaxation and downtime in the artistic journey, the Powerhouse offers comfortable and inviting areas for artists to unwind. Whether it’s taking a break between recording sessions or seeking a moment of solitude for reflection, the building provides cosy lounges and tranquil spaces where artists can recharge their creative energies.

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