Studio A

Studio A, with a large live room perfect for ensembles, as well as its dead room and stone room, has all the acoustic options you could need.
Studio A is the largest of our two tracking rooms at Metropolis. The 60m2 control room houses an SSL 9072 J series console with Genelec 1035A main monitors. All areas have natural daylight and are ideal for both tracking and mixing. The recording area comprises three rooms with differing acoustic properties: a main area, able to accommodate large ensembles (up to 26 players), a stone room with lots of reverb and reflections to tailor with compression, and a dead room for controlled acoustics and a close sounds. All, with ceilings close to 6m and sliding doors to either join or split them, have excellent lines of sight for musicians and engineer. Studio A boasts a self-contained private lounge (With kitchen and bathroom) overlooking the live areas. The lounge has ties to the control room to make up a fourth recording space.
Ellie Goulding recording Under The Sheets in Studio A
Florence & The Machine recording an acoustic version of ‘Dog Days Are Over’ In Studio A interview on recording strings in Studio A
To book a studio or for any further info, please contact the Studios Team on (+44) 208 987 7536 or make a request using the form below

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