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Alexis Ffrench Releases The Piano Whisperer

To borrow a phrase from Duke Ellington, Alexis Ffrench is a musician beyond category. His music has been described as haunting, mesmerising and, above all, deeply moving – the embodiment of beauty and calm in an otherwise frantic world.

Following the huge success of his Classic FM Albums of the Week, The Secret Piano, Piano Karma and Stolen Lullabies, Alexis Ffrench now presents his brand new album – The Piano Whisperer – a timeless meditation in heart-aching lyricism and mystical serenity.

With its directness, simplicity and beauty, The Piano Whisperer looks set to fit straight into the canon of Alexis Ffrench classics with his unmistakable mixture of tenderness and truth. Put simply, The Piano Whisperer radiates hope for our troubled times.

Once again a timeless soundtrack, Alexis’s rapidly growing catalogue of scores for Film and TV have confirmed his fast growing reputation as a composer of spellbinding beauty, with a gift for writing timeless and haunting melodies.

Listen and buy now on Spotify // iTunes.