Mike Hillier

Mastering Engineer

Melanie C / Dizkar / WAHL / Gavintoo / Shattercones / Mr Alec Bowman / Emily Mae Winters / Felix M-B / Megatrain


After eight years away, Mike Hillier has returned to Metropolis, the studio where he began his career in 2006.

In the interim, Mike worked on all aspects of music production: recording, mixing, mastering, and live production. As a freelance mastering engineer, Mike was a go-to for the London folk scene.

Since 2004 Mike has been the Mastering Editor at MusicTech Magazine and he is often the first person in the UK to get his hands on new audio equipment. He also teaches new generations of engineers through MusicTech tutorials and guest lectures in audio programs at colleges including SAE.

Mike takes time to listen to his clients, understand their music, and bring vibrancy and dynamic range to the forefront of each track.

대표적인 프로젝트

Melanie C

Melanie C


The Sparkle Of Love We Saw In You And Me

Mr. Alec Bowman

I Used To Be Sad & Then I Forgot

Felix M-B



Oppenheimer EP


Exit Pt. 1


Exit Pt. 2

Emily Mae Winters

High Romance


Search For Nothing

Obe Dve

План побега

Let's Eat Grandma

Deep Six Textbook

Robin Elliott

At Sunset

Merlyn Driver

This Is The Corner Of A Larger Field

Dog Ears Montana

Built-In Obsolescence

Ben Walker

The Fox On The Downs

Mary Epworth


Kinky Wizards

Quirky Musings

Edgar Wallace Exchange

Edgar Wallace Exchange


Songs Of Late Summer EP

Sophie Jamieson



Music For A Good Home 3

Christian Puffer

Brooklyn Cigarettes



Josienne Clark And Ben Walker

Through The Clouds

Cloud Castle Lake

The Meeting OST

Patch & The Giant

All That We Had We Stole

Roxanne De Bastion

Seeing You EP


Music For A Good Home 2


Melanie C / Dizkar / WAHL / Gavintoo / Shattercones / Mr Alec Bowman / Emily Mae Winters / Felix M-B / Megatrain


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