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Natalie Bibby

Mastering Engineer / QC Engineer

Natalie is unique in that she was trained by all of Metropolis’s mastering engineers. She therefore has a varied breadth of mastering knowledge, ability and experience that is rare for such a young engineer. Bringing a fresh mindset to the field and with a skill level beyond her years, Natalie is already making waves within the music industry.

Proving herself early on, she picked up prestigious credits assisting on live, direct to vinyl cuts. These highlights include Lewis Capaldi, Jimmy Eat World, Shura, Portico Quartet, The Vaccines and Poppy Ajudha.

Coming from an extensive background of mixing and as a self-producing artist, Natalie is both intuitive and technically minded. She inherently understands the methods and tools artists use to craft, edit and present their music; and is able to advise how they can get their mixes right before she masters them. Natalie makes herself accessible to her clients and believes collaboration is how to achieve a master that isn’t clinical and remains true to the artist’s feel and vision.

Recently, Natalie has taken a special interest in remastering projects. She has become highly skilled in restoring, repairing and improving audio no matter the source and original quality. Therein lies her ‘quality control’ title; she offers an additional unique skill-set and service of bringing new life to old material.

Above all, Natalie’s focus and passion is helping musical artists bring their songs to the world at the highest level of sonic excellence, whilst maintaining the fullness, clarity of detail and creative integrity of the artist’s expression and intent.


Bimini / Ciinderella Balthazar / Howard Lee — 真心話 / 163 braces / Ollie West & The Wildflowers / Sylvette / Also Joe / Ellen Winter / Kindelan / Aderyn / LanCinator / The Love-In / Idle Fire / Ereskigal / Raw Sienna / Ghaliaa / 3FIVE3 / Drew Thomas

Bimini, Girls of the Internet


Ciinderella Balthazar

White Rainbows

Ellen Winter

Feel Good

Howard Lee — 真心話


163 braces





The Other Side


The Broken Guitar

Ollie West & The Wildflowers



Call You Out


Real Things

Also Joe

Also Joe


Marble Stone

The Love-In

As It Lays

Idle Fire

Minus Seven




Only Asking



Ellen Winter

Close To You


Wicked Woman

Inland Murmur

Glimpses Through Trees