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European Studio Alliance – Metropolis, SGA & Le Third Floor

Metropolis Studios and Le Third Floor make French connection with Studio de la Grande Armee, a unique new studio alliance.

We are extremely pleased to announce this unique and innovative partnership. This is the first alliance between the two recording studios and media service companies collaborating with their partner, Le Third Floor.

The three-way agreement provides Studio de la Grande Armee with a tailored mastering service from Metropolis Mastering, via Le third Floor who would select an appropriate mastering engineer for a project, oversee the mastering and deliver the master back to SGA in Paris.

“Thanks to our ongoing partnership with Le Third Floor we are delighted to associate ourselves with SGA. Our approach to business, sonic excellence and service are very much aligned and we are excited at the prospect of what we can achieve together, domestically and internationally.”
Ian Brenchley CEO Metropolis Studios (Via Music Week)


“I had the idea to create an alliance between the two biggest recording studios in Europe – Metropolis Studios and Studio de la Grande Armee (SGA). SGA has been established in Paris for more than 45 years, but they do not have their own mastering department. I suggested that Le Third Floor could offer SGA mastering services at Metropolis and provide a bespoke service for their clients.

Metropolis benefits from increased business from France, and SGA benefits from the mastering services of top engineers and Le Third Floor makes this alliance possible by overseeing the process on a daily basis. European and international business openings are the key to success in our creative multi-services music business.”
Nicolas Bulostin CEO Le Third Floor


“Our mastering services are provided by Metropolis. We take care of your projects from Paris; we send them to our partner “Le Third Floor”, who handles them directly at Metropolis Mastering in London in order to ensure the highest monitoring quality that we can get on a day-to-day basis. Then, you can come to the studio and listen to your songs mastered by the most highly acclaimed engineers in the world.
Zach Hanoun CEO SGA


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