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Metropolis Live: Léks Rivers & Lola Coca

Metropolis Live, in partnership with Clash Magazine, is a series of monthly shows hosted in the intimacy of legendary Studio A featuring some of the best bands around town…

Our April show on Wednesday 12th has a killer line up featuring two more amazing acts, Léks Rivers and Lola Coca.

  • Doors are at 7pm.
  • Performance starts at 8pm.

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Lola Coca

Portsmouth underdog Lola Coca bowls through our speakers with an unapologetic stride, carrying her love for 90’s Hip-Hop and Ska along for the journey.

London situated, the lyrically poignant Popstress has a way with words, simultaneously both playful, frank and nonchalant. Her smooth vocal tone spans between the goal posts of disinterest and a swan provoked.

Léks Rivers

Growing up around skateborading, Léks Rivers has trained himself to see the freedom of expression in everything around him. From looking at the streets as a concrete playground to the way he perceives musical genres as malleable forms designed to be twisted around one another. His songs can juxtapose the drama of 80’s pop music against the sombre reality of blues, and his live shows inject the electric energy of a rock ‘n’ roll into contemporary R&B. Listening to the way live saxophones stab through his electronic productions, it’s clear that the only thing that Léks is blind to, is the idea that there is any sort of rule book. “I think people should be allowed to do whatever they want, as long as it bangs,” he states. “If it’s wack, then call people out on it.”

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