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Metropolis Mastering’s Sound of 2017

It’s that time of year again when the mighty of Metropolis Mastering knock heads together to build the definitive list of acts that will conquer the world of music in 2017.

Considering how on point last year’s predictions were, we’re confident the guys can read the future and guess who will be breaking through into the charts in the next 12 months. We get a buzz from working with new acts at Metropolis, here’s who we think could make 2017 their own.


YAK have been not so quietly going about their business building a five star reputation for their live shows. Frontman Oliver Burslem thrashes around the stage like a grunge era Mick Jagger and the band’s abrasive style has managed to rub some people up the wrong way (just ask The Last Shadow Puppets).

YAKHarbour The Feeling
Rough Trade Management. Engineered by Leo Ross, mixed by Claudius Mittendorfer and produced by Steve Mackey.
Mastered by John Davis.


St. Lucian born Poté is an electronic artist making catchy tunes containing messages about the heart that you can still get down to. “Fire for Fire” is one such tune featuring a guest verse from rapper Kojey Radical that will leave you bopping your head whilst stroking your chin.

PotéFire for Fire
SEG Music.
Mastered by Stuart Hawkes.

Goat Girl

This South London riotous girl group make wiry Mark E. Smith-esque blasts of noise. Their lyrics are as razor sharp and cutting as their guitar lines and their attitude is the perfect tonic to a less than perfect 2016.

Goat GirlScum
Rough Trade. Recorded and produced by Margo Broom at Hermitage Works Studios.
Mastered by Felix Davis.


North London’s multi-talented CallMeTheKidd has recently stepped out from behind the scenes producing upcoming artists to release his debut EP “The Becoming”. The title track melds soul searching lyrics with very fresh sounding beats and vocals seamlessly. CMTK even directed his own video… is there anything this guy can’t do?

CallMeTheKiddThe Becoming
Mastered by Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin.

Honey Moon

The chilled out grooves coming from Honey Moon are enough to make the most cynical heart soften slightly. For those that like the laid back vibes of Mac Demarco with British Pop sensibilities, “Best In Town” will do the trick.

Honey MoonBest In Town
Sad Club Records.
Mastered by Peter Hewitt-Dutton.

Beware Of Darkness

Hailing from Santa Barbara, Beware Of Darkness are responsible for the biggest and best riff on this years list. If you are not immediately sold within the first 5 seconds of “Muthafucka” then there really is no pleasing you.

Beware Of DarknessMuthafucka
Bright Antenna Records.
Mastered by John Davis.


With a four track EP expected early 2017 it seems a sure bet that Starling will be a name most will become more familiar with. Her songs sound both light and dark simultaneously due to her combination of breathy vocals and whooshy synths. Don’t expect bubblegum pop but something more challenging and a lot more rewarding.

Communion Records.
Mastered by Stuart Hawkes.

Áine Cahill

This Irish born songstress Áine Cahill croons smoothly over lush retro strings and slinky guitar lines on “Plastic” released early 2017. If there is any justice it will be chosen as the next James Bond theme.

Áine CahillPlastic
LAB Records.
Mastered by Peter Hewitt-Dutton.

Aaron Taylor

We could have chosen to highlight any of the songs from “Better Days”, The second EP from the singer and producer Aaron Taylor. Funky, smooth and cool, Aaron’s vocals are the star on this collection of soulful tunes.. Fans of the late great Prince should definitely give this a listen.

Aaron TaylorBreakfast
Edenic Records Ltd. Written, arranged and produced by Aaron Taylor.
Mastered by Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin.


One of the most bonkers live acts you can imagine (picture a canvas like stage surrounded by armless mannequins and creepy baby dolls and you’re nearly there!) with a sound as out there as their fashion choices. You can hear The Horrors’ influence on this gnarly and gritty single. “London is stained” and soon the rest of the UK will be.

Rough Trade. Engineered by Steve Osbourne and produced by Faris Badwan at Gunfactory and Real World Studios.
Mastered by Felix Davis.

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