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Taking Flight In Metropolis Studios

An inside look at Metropolis Studios in West London from an entirely fresh perspective… by flight.

Previously a grand Victorian power station, Metropolis has become the studio home of many great recording artists, notably Freddie Mercury who recorded some of his greatest works on the Fazioli piano in Studio A (pictured 00:41).

At the turn of the twentieth century, the building hosted the power generators for West London’s Tram network but fell into disuse after 1920. Following a masterful architectural conversion in 1989, the building assumed its current role as a major recording studio.

Metropolis features some of the finest studio space, recording technology, and production and mastering engineers in the world, and many of the biggest global music hits released every month pass through its doors. It is a monument to thriving creativity and excellence, all housed in a stunning architectural environment.

Filmed by Tom Rowland.

Music by Elder Island – Bamboo.