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Watch Mystery Jets record live-to-vinyl at Metropolis Studios

Watch Mystery Jets record live-to-vinyl at Metropolis Studios!

Tour the studio, meet the band, and receive a tracked vinyl after the event.
Metropolis Studios in partnership with Mastercard Priceless Cities present a Live-to-Vinyl experience. Be at the first in a series of unforgettable events starting 7 July, hosted by Europe’s top independent recording studio, Metropolis. Bring a friend to watch Mystery Jets record live in London’s iconic Studio-A. Watch two tracks being cut in real time from two different viewing angles; the A Lounge and the control room. You will enjoy VIP treatment with a champagne reception, a tour of the studio, a meet-and-greet with the band, and your very own record from the limited-edition run sent to your house after the event.

Mystery Jets are a well-loved British band who have been performing around the world since 2003 and have released five studio albums, containing hits such as ‘Bubblegum’ and ‘Young Love’. Their many years of performing and studio experience make them a great artist to launch the Live-to-Vinyl event series.

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What’s priceless?

Watching a great artist record tunes straight to vinyl with a fellow music fan, in a world-renowned studio.

The highlights

  • Watch a full recording session with Mystery Jets
  • See a two track EP cut straight to vinyl
  • Tour the formerly closed-to-the-public Studio-A
  • Meet the band over a champagne reception
  • Get one of only 500 copies of the limited-edition record

Exclusive for Mastercard cardholder – Book here!