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The Playback: April 2017

This month’s five acts are all pretty similar in that they all have guitars and singing. Fans of songs that only contain rapping, scatting and/or yodelling might have to check back in with us next month…

Rex Orange County – Untitled

Outrageously talented and obscenely young, Rex Orange County could and should be your new fave. ‘Untitled’ taken from his tasty new LP ‘Apricot Princess’ is a glossy ballad which fits more honest heart-wrenching pathos into its 2 and a half minutes than many more accomplished artists would struggle to fill an entire album. The 18 (!!!!!!!!) year old’s previous work has gotten him a fair few famous fans already and if he continues at this rate it will be hard to stop him.

Brazen Head – Looks

‘Looks’ is a very interesting first track from new London band Brazen Head. A bouncy bass line, soft guitars that morph into a wailing chaotic mess, pulsing synths and an eerily plinky plonky piano provide a great backing for singer Louis’ anguished words. The track builds and builds as harmonies float above an unsettling yet catchy anthem. Fans of ‘The Bends’ era Radiohead will find a lot to love in this new bands sound. Catch them supporting FUR at The Old Blue Last for free on the 6th of May.

Lazy Day – With My Mind

I don’t know about you but I love me some chorus on my guitars. There’s nothing quite like that sweet sweet modulation effect. Seriously, I go nuts for it. If you are anything like me then you will really appreciate the light and breezy sounds from Lazy Day. ‘With My Mind’ floats along effortlessly and the only thing that keeps it grounded is its warm bassline and lead singer Tilly’s breathy yelps and screams. You can catch the 4 piece play at The Anvil in Bournemouth on the 5th of May or on the 9th at the Servant Jazz Quarters in their home city of London.

Honey Lung – Sophomore

‘Sophomore’ sounds like it has been taken straight out of the grunge and alt rock book of song writing (in the best way possible). Loud and abrasive riff’s cascade with vocals that sound like the singer is either going to burst into tears or get in a fight with you are juxtaposed with quiet restrained verses before exploding into more than one J Mascis inspired guitar solos. Fans of the Pixies and Pavement should really get down to their single launch on the 2nd of May at the Camden Assembly.

Mayor – Shores

This song is so hot you can’t even listen to it yet at the time of writing. Bright, sunny and overwhelmingly positive ‘Shores’ is a tune to be enjoyed whilst supping on a bottle of beer on a rooftop with friends. It could also be used to advertise an all inclusive holiday to a tropical island somewhere. Mayor are based in Israel and will be touring Europe and India in the summer to promote the single and album.To keep up to date with all things Metropolis Mastering related check out our website…

Check out our Spotify playlist which we will be adding to as the year goes on with all our tips and recommendations…