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The Playback: August 2017

August may be silly season in the back pages but here at Metropolis Mastering we are not messing about. Here’s the next instalment of The Playback featuring another five artists that you may or may not know were worked on at Metropolis Studios.

Mabel – Finders Keepers

“Finders Keepers” is the prequel to Mabel’s upcoming single “Losers Weepers”. Well, actually that was just a joke but did you know according to international maritime law if you stumble across a shipwreck you can claim any surviving cargo as your own! Maybe this was Mabel’s inspiration for “Finders Keepers”, a slick 90’s style r’n’b banger with deep kick hits and airy minimal synths that float and glide around the listener. Mabel can clearly write and sing a memorable hook with conviction and all the people in the music video seem to having a fun (if a bit intense) time dancing, pouting and hanging out in warehouses. If you like Mabel’s sound she will be touring the UK in October.

Beachtape – Slow

Less than a year old, Beachtape seem to be cut from the same cloth as some other bands with strong seaside imagery like Beach House, Wavves and Best Coast. Maybe it’s all that fresh East Sussex air the guys are inhaling that helps them produce super blissed and laid back jams like “Slow”. Guitars with oodles of chorus chime with a beat full of satisfyingly synchronised stop start moments. It’s the kind of music that normally would be lazily described as slacker-rock but that label would be doing it a disservice. It’s actually pretty hard and takes a lot of work and practise to sound this chill. Their debut EP will be out on PNKSLM Recordings and they will play The Old Blue Last in East London on the 29th of September so check them out.

Crystal Bats feat. Whinnie Williams – Killing Me

Roll your suit jacket sleeves up past your elbows, unbutton your animal print shirt and don’t forget your aviator shades, Crystal Bat’s “Killing Me” is here. This song should be played in between All Night Long by Mary Jane Girls and Tempted by Squeeze on the radio in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. The track is a frictionless disco-ball bobbing gently along on an ocean of vaporwave and yacht-rock. Will Jones and Will Vaughn are both clearly in love with the decade of excessive reverb and slap bass and they successfully manage to pay a sincere and loving homage with “Killing Me”. The highlight is probably Whinnie Williams’ vocals, equally slick and sultry and provide the warmth and heart to an otherwise icey 80’s throwback.

Dead Pretties – Confidence

Angry, disaffected and raw, The Dead Pretties are at their best when making one hell of a racket. Guitar’s feedback, a bass line slinks menacingly and a razor blade gargling voice primitively howls and laments (in a good way). At a time when a large proportion of the most exciting young rock bands are from South London, this three piece stand out amongst their peers with their attitude, socially conscious lyrics and Confidence. You can catch them touring across the UK starting in Manchester on the 29th of September and finishing on the 12th of October in London.

Songaminute Man – Quando Quando Quando

Now something a little unusual for us over here at The Playback. Instead of writing about another hip teeny bopper or “so cool they don’t even have an instagram page” indie band, we would like to bring to your attention the Songaminute Man. Waaaaay back in 2016 this heartwarming video of father and son singing in the car went viral. In it 80-something Teddy Mac, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2013, sings along to “Quando, quando, quando” the track made famous by singers such as Pat Boone, Cliff Richard and Engelbert Humperdinck. Well now Teddy Mac is back and more swinging than ever with a successfully crowdfunded album full of classic songs, featuring accompaniment from The Guy Barker Orchestra. 25% of all royalties will go towards the amazing cause of funding research into Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The album #SONGAMINUTE is out on the 21st of September (World Alzheimer’s Day) with pre-orders available now through iTunes, Amazon and Google Play…

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