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The Playback | February 2017

February has been and gone and with it came chilly temperatures as well as some red hot tunes!

In this second edition of The Playback we are shining our spotlight on just five new, hip, cool and bare sick bands and solo artists with so much buzz around them you’d think they live in a colony, have wings and collect pollen…

White Kite

Falsetto vocals and pinch harmonics do battle throughout London group White Kite’s debut single “Swans”. What starts out as a seemingly standard electro pop number takes a weird left-field turn with a chorus containing disorientating guitars expertly blended into synths. Equal parts hazy and whoozy the song bops along at its own tropical rhythm resulting in a very promising statement of intent. If your interest is piqued catch them at Birthdays at a free entry show on the 10th of March.


Formation have their debut album coming out on the 24th of March and it promises to be huge. Of the 4 tracks already available “A Friend” demonstrates best how much of a force to be reckoned with this South London 5 piece are. Combining elements of James Murphy style production (including plentiful cowbell), synth lines the French wizards “Pheonix” would be proud of and a spiky punk attitude born from being young and restless in the post-social media age. You can see what all of the fuss is about for yourself at XOYO on the 21st of March.

Doll Duncan

“Love Light” is one of those songs that rings true for everyone who’s ever had a passionate relationship fizzle out and fade away. The track grows wilder and wilder as Doll frantically calls for her partner to “Look at me!”. Doll’s debut EP “Hurricane” was released on the 24th of February and she plays at the Paper Dress Vintage bar on International Women’s day (8th of March) where a portion of all tickets sales will be donated to the UN Women Fund For Gender Equality. (Fun fact Doll was a studio runner here at Metropolis a few years ago!)


Our Girl

In the time since releasing their debut EP via Cannibal Hymns at the end of 2016, Brighton based Our Girl have been keeping busy hopping around the UK sharing their fuzzy garage rock with the growing number of previously converted fans as well as the uninitiated. It was no shock to us when Our Girl also announced that they had secured funding from the PRS foundation to help them record their debut album. If you want to see Our Girl in action here at Metropolis Studios when the play here live in Studio A on the 6th of March (there are still a few tickets left here…)

The Amazons

Tipped for greatness, (they were on the BBC Sound of 2017 longlist), this February The Amazons released unto the world the riff heavy “Black Magic”. The track has a frenetic energy which keeps moving and growing and the lead vocals are passionate and urgent. Everything builds to a guitar solo which can only be described as face melting. Fans of Royal Blood and Wolf Alice especially will have their boat’s floated by this four piece from Reading. There are also plenty of opportunities to catch them across the UK and Europe throughout March and April if you like what you hear.To keep up to date with all things Metropolis Mastering related check out our website…

Check out our Spotify playlist which we will be adding to as the year goes on with all our tips and recommendations…