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The Playback: June 2017

Grooving baselines, lo-fi alternative rock and TLC ‘esque’ R’n’B – you can always count on the genre bending feature The Playback to bring you the best in new music that we’ve worked on here at Metropolis Mastering…

Dama Scout – Paper Boy

Born from a melting pot of Glasgow and London, Dama Scout are a noise rock trio providing big melodies over grungy guitars and warm bass lines. The verse is angular and jagged which leads into a chorus that is the opposite. Chords whoosh and the hook is breathy, light and breezy. Paper Boy has just been released on 7” via RIP Records and all the profits of the single go to Arts Emergency an amazing charity based in London aiming to provide mentorship and access to creative courses for underprivileged teens. You can order the record from Dama Scout’s bandcamp…

Tender – Nadir

Tender have written one of my favourite bass lines in a good while! Congratulations Tender. I could probably write this whole review about how much I like the bass line to this song. In fact I might just do that. The bass line reminds me of the one from “Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine” off of The Killer’s debut album “Hot Fuss”. Only groovier. Much groovier. It is not so much a bass line you listen to but you feel. It dances around the octave like a 12 year old music reviewer danced around his bedroom to the aforementioned song by The Killers. Tender are playing Lovebox and Latitute Festivals in July and their album “Modern Addiction” is out on the 1st of September.

Punctual – What I Love

Bristol based Punctual are certainly right on time (sorry) delivering this classic summer soaked reminder that there is more heat coming after last weeks heatwave (or as it should be referred to from now as “The Great Fan Shortage of London”). So whether you are squeezed between exposed armpits on the tube or queuing up to buy a £6 can of Red Stripe at an overly sponsored but still apparently independent day festival be sure to have “What I Love” loaded up and pumped directly through your ear holes.

Bare Pale – Tasteless

This lo-fi alternative rock band really rev my engine. With an aesthetic that harks back to other legendary DIY acts like Guided By Voices, Yo La Tengo and The Radio Dept, “Tasteless” demonstrates singer and songwriter Matt’s unquestionable ear for an earworm and hook, despite it’s more rough and ready delivery. The track builds and builds until a lead guitar is unleashed. It sounds like it is being wrestled, the notes fighting their way out of the amplifier with angst. The EP that Tasteless is from will be out on Vinyl in July via Lunar Ruins so get a copy whilst you can.

Wyvern Lingo – I Love You, Sadie

“I Love You, Sadie” is the kind of 90’s RnB smash that TLC and Destiny’s Child would be proud of. It is Wyvern Lingo, a three piece from Bray, that are responsible for this unapologetic banger and we at The Playback are grateful to them for it. It’s already been picked up by Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and it’s easy to hear why. The three part harmonies and soulful lead vocal are squeezed into this 3 minute slice of pop heaven. Tickets are currently available for their show at The Grand Social in Dublin on the 25th of August so catch them before they hit the big time!To keep up to date with all things Metropolis Mastering related check out our website…

Check out our Spotify playlist which we will be adding to as the year goes on with all our tips and recommendations…