Samsung ft. Jacob Collier: Over The Horizon

Metropolis collaborate with jazz prodigy Jacob Collier and Samsung on ‘Over The Horizon’…

Each generation of Samsung’s Galaxy devices comes preloaded with a fresh new take on ‘Over the Horizon‘, Samsung’s signature, six-note groove. The company collaborated with Grammy Award-winning Jacob Collier to showcase a fresh new take on the ringtone.

Samsung commissioned Metropolis Films to make the accompanying video, as well as Metropolis Mastering‘s Tony Cousins to master the track. The video, like the song itself, is highly kinetic, having utilised a cutting-edge motion control camera to create a seamless ‘one-man band’ effect.


  • Ramy Dance – Director
  • Daniella Manca – Producer
  • Frederic Cook & Ramy Dance – Post Production
  • Tony Cousins – Mastering
  • Hitoshi Yoshioka – Production Management

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