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The Feature: Seramic

‘Future Funk’… no, this isn’t a villain’s weapon of choice from a dystopian sci-fi feature film, but a term (if you like to use such tags) given to Seramic’s funk and soul driven anthems.

P-Funk style vocals and synths, some filthy guitar licks and a bassline Thundercat would be proud of combine to great effect on the track ‘I Got You‘, which just so happened to be mastered here at Metropolis Mastering. We caught up with Seramic to find out what makes him tick…We saw you playing live at OMEARA’s opening night. You manage to capture the energy you create on stage on your record. Is this key to Seramic’s sound?
Yes, we try and make the shows as energetic as we can. We try and make the set up as live as possible. The shows are a bit different to the records, they are a lot more raw and unpredictable, we like swapping instruments and hitting it as hard as we can. I always admired how Prince makes his shows such a big party and that’s something I aspire to.

We love the blend of hard hitting funk riffs and wobbly synth bass lines… What’s the process behind building your tracks?
The song is always the most important thing to me, if you can strip everything down and play the song solo on the piano and the story can carry the weight then you can dress it up how you like. I love getting in the studio with my co producer Carrasius Gold and playing loads of synths and layering them up. Songs often start from us having as much fun in the studio as possible.

Who have been your biggest musical influencers?
For this project I draw a lot of influences from Sly and the Family Stone, Prince, D’Angelo, OutKast and Tom Waits.

If you could collaborate with any one artist at the moment, who would it be and why?
I would really like to work with D’Angelo. I would just love to see how he works in the studio, the way he layers up really beautiful vocal melodies is insane with such killer grooves. I bet we could come up with some crazy mad Gospel sexy sad songs, haha!

What’s next for Seramic?
We are playing lots of festivals this summer including the main stage at Nice Jazz Festival as well as Latitude, which is exciting and I am finishing up writing for the new record.

Seramic: SoundCloud // Spotify // YouTube // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

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