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The Playback: September

As sure as Autumn follows Summer, The Playback is back to provide you hip young thangs with enough ear-tertainment to keep you warm through the tough weeks ahead.

So as you pack away your sandals and dust off your moth-eaten collection of thick wooly jumpers why not give these new songs a cheeky once over… 


Col3trane is only 18 years old which this writer finds disgusting. Col3trane probably never had to wait for his parents to hang up the phone before he could log onto Neopets.com! Alright alright, enough with the bitter and jealous ageist comments, Col3trane is clearly wise beyond his years and “Penelope” is a great demonstration of his talents. His voice soulfully chimes over blissfully processed electric guitars before a stuttering, shuffling beat kicks in. Fans of Frank Ocean and Rex Orange County should definitely give it a listen as we wait patiently to see what the future holds for Col3trane.

Pink Kink

This anarchic right hook of a tune is the first material ever released by the Liverpudlian quintet. Coming in at just under two minutes, “Bubblebut” races off into the distance at full throttle and challenges the listener to keep up with it. With lyrics about the male gaze and the female body, thick basslines and dirty surf rock guitars Pink Kink have served up a fun and meaningful slice of punk you can dance to. They are currently touring with previous Metropolis Mastering alumni Dead Pretties and you can catch them at the Boston Music Room on the 12th of October.


*Don’t compare to Tame Impala, Don’t compare to Tame Impala, Don’t compare to Tame Impala* The next band on this month’s The Playlist are groovy Psych-rock duo Tuska, who with their first EP have created some waves with their chilled melodies. “Brother” has some lovely falsetto harmonies throughout, whilst guitars drenched by bucketloads of effects battle the modulating synths to take centre stage. The track builds and builds until it explodes with the lyrics “You can roll your eyes”. Cascading keys and bouncing bass lines support the song on its spacey journey to the stratosphere. All in all, very promising stuff. For fans of Tame Impala, Tuska’s EP is required listening…OH DAMNIT!


Betsy is in possession of a voice. It’s a rather large voice at that and it is certainly put to good use in “Little White Lies”. Katie Starzed on youtube put it best when she commented “Her voice is like Cher and Shakira had a love child”. The Welsh songstress’ voice really suits this piano led emotional power-pop ballad. The huge snare marks the arrival of the chorus with reverence and smooth synth strings compliment the main vocal hook naturally. Her debut album is out now and you can catch Betsy when she tours across the UK in November.


“Fishbowl” is the kind of song a Proud Professional-Pop-Producer would be very happy to drop. Made up from the best parts of megastars like The 1975 and Maroon 5, Jessarae has honed his song-writing talents in such a way that he will soon be hard to ignore. In fact the mainstream has already come calling as he is currently supporting Little Mix on their UK tour before heading off on his headline tour this February. By then it is very likely he will have won over the hearts of thousands of new fans.

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The Playback