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Online Mastering

First available engineer from £85 per track

Not based in the UK? Need a faster turnaround? Unlock the expertise of our mastering engineers from anywhere via our online mastering service. This is a convenient, secure and cost-effective way to get your music finessed by one of our world-class engineers.

Online Mastering
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Unlock the power of immersive audio at Metropolis Studios.

Drawing on 30 years of Mastering experience, launching our Atmos studio service at Metropolis in 2021 was an easy decision to make. We appreciate it’s a creative format in its infancy, often posing as many practical questions as there are answers, but our team is here to support you through every single aspect of production. From how best to prep your stereo mixes stems for Atmos, how to audition and review content efficiently, how to approach recording unique spatial content with our Studio team, right through to hosting intimate Atmos playbacks for press and fans, our engineers are the best in the business working collaboratively with Artists and Producers to ensure your immersive masters are aligned with your creative vision, your music not compromised in any way.


Use of bespoke recording techniques to deliver exclusive immersive content.


Translate any multitrack mix stems from your catalogue into fully immersive Atmos mixes.


Render your Atmos mix files or stereo stems into Dolby Atmos masters.


Broadcast live and direct from Metropolis in any spatial format.

Our ATMOS Studio

Our Dolby-certified Atmos studio is the highest resolution in the UK. We built the room to enable both established and emerging artists to unlock the exciting potential of spatial audio. The control room pursues a flexible ‘hub studio’ approach, allowing for multiple mixing desk-based workflows and live broadcasts in any immersive format.

With the loudspeakers arrayed at 30° of separation, the audio monitoring in the new studio is designed to cater for all surround formats, including Dolby Atmos and 360RA. The room’s resolution sits at 11.2.8 (11 loudspeakers in the horizontal 360’ plane, 8 height loudspeakers from front to rear and a sub-array).

Discover our ATMOS Studio, tech specs and equipment

Hear the difference

We have taken four exclusively commissioned mixes by Emma McGrath, Jack Savoretti, Koven and The Vaccines, and integrated them into an Interactive 360° Video Player featuring our spatial mix studio.

Working with technology partner Mativision, the content provides you with four great tracks to choose from, each with three immersive mix options for you to demo.

You can use any decent set of headphones or AirPods to listen.

Ambisonic content is only supported on desktop browsers. The binaural versions can be played on most mobile devices. Both renders are taken from the same Atmos Master. Imagine the experience on Atmos enabled speakers?!

These videos have all been captured in 360°. Make sure you tap and drag the content to look around and trigger all the overlay content.

6Mbps connection recommended. PC / Mac / Android: Latest version of Chrome recommended. iOS: Latest version of Safari recommended.

We have set up a Metropolis Studios Atmos / HD playlist on Apple Music so you can sample some of the above content.

  • You’ll need to have the App downloaded to your phone or computer to play music in 3D.
  • Enabled devices will playback spatial audio in 3D, you may need to toggle some settings.
  • Everybody can access binaural 3D audio render with any decent set of headphones to experience this extremely high-quality audio mixed by the team at Metropolis for specific format listening experiences.
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